1963 Red Mini

I bought this car on eBay from Kansas. Although it was a nice car, I just never got attached to it, so I resold it on eBay.

1962 Purple Buick Invicta

I bought this car at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas in 2009. After I got it home, it just didn’t seem to fit in with my other cars. When I told Russ Briggs I had buyer’s remorse, he offered to restore it to K-State purple paint and interior, new wheels, etc… and we donated it to the K-State Ahern Scholarship Auction.

1960 Renault Dalphine

You are supposed to have a car like the one you had when you got married, so when I found this car on eBay in California, I bought it. It was another example of how you can get screwed on eBay. The car was misrepresented in many ways, including the fact that it had a sax-o-matic transmission, which was very popular in the 1960s and was a complete failure. Ater some time to consider my options, I sold it for less than what I paid.

1959 Turquoise BMW 600

This is an eBay car from Colorado. It was the first 600 that Jeff Oates helped restore. It is done in the original turquois color that was popular in the 1950’s – it’s a nice car.

1958 Lime Green BMW Isetta

This is one of my favorite cars. I found this car in Delano, MN. We salvaged the 3-wheel frame but the body was so badly rusted we had to use a different body. So this is really made from two different cars, but we made the body in the English 3-wheel body style with more conventional bumpers rather than the bars. At first we thought it would have been built in Brighton, England, where BMW had a factory and built most of the 3-wheeled Isettas. However, when we put new German built Bosch brake cylinders on it, they fit perfect. So we think it’s a rear 3-wheeler built in Germany, perhaps for the Swiss market. How it made it to America I don’t know. I have been loaning out one of my Isettas and one of my BMW 600s to the BMW dealer in Minnetonka, MN for display in their showroom. This car always attracts a lot of attention.

1958 BMW 600 Sunroof

I found this car out in the weeds in Austin, MN. It had set out in the weather for 40-50 years. We have just finished it. I just love the Robin’s egg blue. It’s a rare sunroof model, so it’s worth quite a lot. It’s probably the best 600 in my collection.