The AutoMotorPlex calls itself “a place to enjoy your passion” – meaning it’s a place for motor-heads to show off their cars! Some people call them their “Man Cave,” which isn’t always accurate as some of the wives are just as involved as the men! I purchased two units – a 48-85 foot space with an 18’ ceiling. The space is yours to build out and decorate any way you want to suit your personality or purpose of use. My showroom is decorated in a 1950s style.


Obviously I keep my fully-restored car collection here, but Bonnie and I have taken advantage of the space and atmosphere to host many events and parties as well. We’ve held the Minnesota K-State Alumni party at the AutoMotorPlex for the last two summers, with well over one hundred K-State alumni attending. Our son, Don, even got married at the AutoMotorPlex! The condo has also been the ideal venue for a few of my grandchildren’s high school graduation parties.

The large clubhouse in the center of the complex, can be used by members for social events and entertaining. It is truly a Country Club for cars! They hold an Open House twice a month, which is always well attended, as well as many other social and charity events. I can often be seen with my doors open at the “Cars and Caves” mornings on the 4th Saturday morning of each month. It’s a great place to hobnob with others who share a passion for cars and restoration.

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