Dealer Emblem Collection

A fraternity brother, Gail Kay, was parts manager and later sales manager at Waddell Cadillac in Salina, Kansas for over 30 years. Gail and his wife, Mary Scott, came up to visit us and brought with him a large box of dealer trunk emblems. He had collected them from used cars they had taken in as trade. Not knowing what to do with them and not wanting to throw them away, he gave them to me to display in my condo. Display them I did!

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That was the start of another wonderful and interesting hobby for me. I have since gone nuts (Bonnie would say obsessed!) collecting them! Now whenever we travel, I manage to sneak off to the nearest U-Pull-It auto salvage yard and collect as many as they have. I only mount the metal or chrome emblems, and no duplicates. I also have several thousand duplicates and four to five thousand plastic ones. I currently have 3,665 emblems mounted on 10” wide x 8-10’ long, finished and stained boards, on display in my condo. The wall is now complete!