The Truth is Good Enough by Duane Saunders

Offering a keen insight into the mind, life and character of a true American eclectic. From austere rural beginnings to entrepreneurial genius – this book powerfully reminds us that we all hold the keys to the direction of our lives.

Duane Saunders’ story is told bluntly and non-apologetically as only he would have it known to others. Readers should dare not to try to find patterns or overarching lessons from the trials and triumphs of this amazing life. Rather to see in Duane’s life course he raw power of self-belief, moral courage and enduring self-directedness. From his example, we should all study our own souls to find the things in ourselves that will make our life’s story worth telling as much as his. The truth of his life is good enough – is yours?
6″x9″ – 230pgs – full color throughout


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