Memorial Day – The Movie

In 2010, my wife and I invested in the movie Memorial Day. The movie is directed by Sam Fischer, produced by Craig Christensen and stars James Cromwell, John Cromwell and Jonathan Bennett. The movie is about a WWII veteran and his grandson who is later in the Iraq War. Memorial Day was filmed in the Mankato, MN area – we had the opportunity to watch some of the filming.

When the movie was complete, Sam and Craig wanted to premier it at several Army installations around the country. I connected them with my friend Art DeGroat, the director of military affairs at K-State. Art is a retired LTC and was Professor of Military Science at K-State in the Army ROTC department. He planned and organized a premier of Memorial Day at K-State and it was a huge success. It was a red-carpet affair attended by many VIPs from the K-State and Fort Riley, KS communities.