Truth or Dare


When I first started thinking about writing a book, I thought I would just jot down a few pages of some things I remember from growing up, then photocopy a couple dozen to give out to my family and a few to close friends. Maybe someone would read some excerpts at my funeral. It was fun as I remembered things that I hadn’t thought about for years. Then to make it more complete, it seemed necessary to include parts from my adult life too. That then helped me remember more parts of my life I hadn’t thought about for years. So for me this has been a rewarding and
enjoyable experience.

So how did it get to be such a production? For one thing, when I would mention to someone I was writing my biography, they would often suggest to be sure to include ‘this and that’ or ‘such and such.’ But I have to say that most of the “production” is due to my daughter, Audrey, the graphic designer. I originally asked her to help me because I wanted to include a few photos and didn’t even know how to work my scanner. I am grateful to Audrey for the time, effort and patience she put into creating this book. I underestimated her ability, lateral thinking and creative talent. (All of which she got from me of course!) Audrey really took the bull by the horns and helped me produce a book everyone young and old would want to read, regardless of whether they knew me or not, or had ever heard of Downs, Kansas. Before I know it, my life story may be destined to become a New York Times bestseller! We will see.

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