1958 Lime Green BMW Isetta

This is one of my favorite cars. I found this car in Delano, MN. We salvaged the 3-wheel frame but the body was so badly rusted we had to use a different body. So this is really made from two different cars, but we made the body in the English 3-wheel body style with more conventional bumpers rather than the bars. At first we thought it would have been built in Brighton, England, where BMW had a factory and built most of the 3-wheeled Isettas. However, when we put new German built Bosch brake cylinders on it, they fit perfect. So we think it’s a rear 3-wheeler built in Germany, perhaps for the Swiss market. How it made it to America I don’t know. I have been loaning out one of my Isettas and one of my BMW 600s to the BMW dealer in Minnetonka, MN for display in their showroom. This car always attracts a lot of attention.