1958 BMW 600

I found this car out in the weather in Austin, MN. It was in a very rough/rusted condition. After transforming this 600 into a near-perfect restoration that would have brought $35,000 to $45,000 at MECUM or Barrett-Jackson, I selected this one to be a corked companion with my corked Isetta.

1957 White BMW Isetta Convertible

I found this car on eBay in Milwaukee, WI. It is one of the nicest of my cars that we have completely restored.

1957 Red BMW Isetta Convertible

I found this car on Craigslist in Pasadena, TX. It had been sitting out in the weather since 1961. The reason I know this is because it still had the 1961 license plates on it. We completely restored it like many of the others I have in my collection. We take every thing apart and restore everything, including the motor and transmission rebuild.

1957 Red BMW Isetta

I bought this car on eBay from a person in Dallas, TX. He said it needed minor assembly. When I got it there were many parts missing and I found him to be quite uncooperative in helping me find the missing parts, but I now have completely restored the car (no thanks to him). That’s the chance you sometimes take on eBay or Craigslist.

1957 Purple-Silver BMW Isetta

This is one of two Isettas I found in a barn south of Carver, MN. As you can see, it was in bad shape, but is now in nearly perfect condition. I keep this car on the Briggs Auto Showroom in Manhattan, KS, so it is there for the Kansas State University Homecoming Parade every year.

1956 White T-Bird

This is one of the cars I have not restored myself. I purchased it at auction in 2009 in the condition it’s in today. It was restored by Marvin Hill of Racine, OH. In my opinion, it is in near perfect condition – it’s so nice we don’t dare drive it!. We start it up and move it around as necessary, but we don’t want to get any nicks on the underside, which is just as nice as the top side.

1956 Green Messerschmitt KR-200

I found this car in Colorado. It is in good condition and we are doing a few repairs to make it run well. Although it could use some minor cosmetic work and a new paint job, I am satisfied for now to have it running well the way it is.

1956 Black T-Bird

This is a very nice car I purchased as is from John Woodhead. It was in his collection for a long time and I am happy to have it. It was restored by Mr. Robbins of Tusculoosa, Alabama.


1952 Olive Green M38Al Jeep

I have always wanted an Army Jeep that would be similar to the Jeeps we had when I was on active duty in Fort Sill, OK. We’ve just completed restoration and it’s now equipped with a 30 cal machine gun and one day I would like to paint it with the same unit designation as my unit when I was Headquarters Battery Commander, 3rd Target Acquisition Battalion, 26th Artillery. We call it the “LT Saunders”. It has a V6 motor and runs well.

1952 Henry J

This beauty is a Henry J. Named after the founder of the Kaiser-Frazer Motor Company, Henry John Kaiser. This car runs and drives good. It is all completely original including the paint and interior and it only has 27,000 miles on it. There are very few of these left, especially in this condition. We want to keep it running, but will not drive it a lot. I bought this car for my grandson, Henry John Saunders. I told him when he’s my age that car will be 138 years old!