1972 Orange Reliant Bond Bug

I bought this car at the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Auction in Madison, GA, in February 2013. The Bond Bug was manufactured in Tamworth, England by the Reliant Car Corporation. Their most popular was the Reliant Robin which was an inexpensive car to own and operate. They built the Bond Bug to attract the younger sportier crowd. It is very fast and, in my opinion, dangerous. The auction was quite an event. It cost $150.00 to attend and you had to have a letter of credit from your bank for $50,000.00. They sold everything. Over 200 microcars and tons of automobile memorabilia. Most of the cars were purchased by buyers from Europe and South America. A buyer from Russia bought 33 cars. The total sales for the cars was over 8 million and the memorabilia total was over 13 million.