Cork Creations

So here’s my cork secrets and how I do it. Corks come in different sizes so the first thing you must do is size the corks. I have three jigs: small 20mm, medium 22mm and large 24mm. I use these jigs to separate them into the three sizes. Some corks are tapered, smaller at one end and larger at the other. Some corks are mostly straight, but all seem to have their own very subtle, unique size and shape. Even after they are sized, a medium cork can very by one or two millimeters in thickness when laid end to end. For most of the cork art I have done, I cut the corks in half length ways. This requires a band saw. The jigs are used with the band saw.


The glue I use is CA Thick, Stick Fast instant CA adhesive made by Rockler ( It is very strong and only a small amount is needed. You must be very careful not to get it on places that will not covered with corks. I use this glue for a lot of other things too. You will also need a shop vac to attach on the disc sander, a magic marker, tape measure, straight edge ruler, masking tape, scissors and various thicknesses of cardboard. You’ll also need a dust mask when you’re using the Dremel tool and band saw. It is definitely not something you should be doing in your living room!

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